Company Policies


It is okay to reschedule, cancel, skip or add to your cleanings though we do require a 48 hour notice. Without a 48 hour notice you will be charged HALF (50%) of your usual rate for the cancellation. Canceling for any reason on the same day as your scheduled cleaning will be charged their full usual rate. This payment has to be received in full before your next scheduled cleaning. All cancellations must be made with the office – please do not tell your cleaner. All cancellations will also increase the current rate to the next level rate for the next cleaning. Mommy Maids reserves the right to cancel anyone who cancels too frequently.

Please understand that we are not like other businesses who have customers on a walk in basis such as grocery stores, clothing stores, etc. In our type of housecleaning business we do not have walk in customers to supplement our schedules when our clients cancel without notice. When we reserve a time/day for your cleaning we set that time/day aside for you and you only. Our Mommy Maids depend upon your job being there so that they can make their required salary. Cancellations cost us dearly and we have often found that they will leave our employment in search of a more dependable income. As a Mommy Maid client, you are essential to helping us keep the kind of staff that you like cleaning your home.

There is a “NO CHECK/NO CLEAN” policy. Payments are required the day of your cleaning. Any cleaning not paid in full within 5 days of the cleaning will be charged a $2 per day late fee until 30 days after the date of said cleaning. After the 30th day there will be a charge of $20.00 per week until the balance is paid in full.

For any damages or loss of items that are not properly secured, we do not assume liability. We do not assume liability for any property damage prior to our cleaning as well. If you want your pictures on the wall cleaned then it is your responsibility to make certain they are secured on a proper nail. For example, if you have a large picture hung on a small framing nail then it is likely that when we clean it the picture is going to fall and something will be damaged. That is not fault of our own. If you have something that is very personal to you, is expensive, a family heirloom or is simply sentimental should be cleaned by the homeowner.

Mommy Maids does limit the liability of knick knack items to either replacement amount or $85 per item, whichever one is less per occurrence. All surfaces (granite, marble, hardwood floors, etc) are believed to be properly sealed to be cleaned by our staff without causing any harm when regular cleaning occurs.